LVFrance is your Personal Linguisitc Assistent during your stay in France, Live or Virtual.

Imagine, you are enjoying the loveliest of holidays in france, and all of a sudden you got this unbearable toothache. How do you get a dentist to understand you need him right now!?

Or you are having this charming little holiday home in the french country-side, a special place to experience the french way of life, but you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table staring at this mountain of authentic french paperwork.

Need to call the telephone company, get information at the townhouse, want to rent your house in summer, understand the plummer, negociate with a builder, tell your neighbours the fence needs repairing, prepare to sell your house……

…..but your french is just not sufficient?

As your Personal Assistant I can be of very efficient help. Make the call in your name, gather information but also explain letters and forms.

Interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.