about me

IMG_1743When I was 6, my father used to make the house tremble with Mozart symphonies, and I, standing on the coffe table with a stick in my hand, would conduct them. At 20 I had become a real conductor,  and enchanted scenes in Amsterdam, Cambridge, Cologne and even the famous New Yorks Carnegie Hall with my “baguette”.

I had to go to the other side of the globe to find my Big Love, and he happened to speak french. After a year, so did I, and we moved to the south of France. His roots and my dream.

Under the mediterranean sun and olive trees, there is not much demand for a conductors career, and soon I found myself working in the estate buisiness. A whole new world and an exciting challenge.

Many of my, mostly foreign, clients kept coming back to me with a whole variety of linguistic questions, and when even my neighbours started to ask me to help out with their rental contacts, I decided to start my Linguisitc Services.

I have always loved languages. In all my projects, language and culture have taken an important place. For me, Linguistic Service goes beyond a simple translation. It is a true understanding of the differences between cultures, and the ability of bringing them together. That is why I have so many faithfull clients.

Today I’m very pleased to pick up my “baguette” for you, this time to “conduct” my services, so you can be as happy in the Provence as I am

Linda Madini