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Urban Planning

France is currently actualizing its Urban Planning. The new planning will be based on the European norms and the sustainable Development.
The old planning system, POS (Plan d’Occupation du Sol) will be replaced by the PLU (Plan Local d’Urbanisme). Many communities are in the middle of this process. It is important to get properly informed concerning construction or acquisition projects in france.
It will be my pleasure to contact the “mairie” and the “prefecture” to get you the needed information.

The french estate agent

We are use to work with a personal estate agent.
In France, the system is different. Several estate agents can have the same house for sale, and besides a seller can put it on the private market.
A search mandate is not very well known, but it does exist.
Would you like a single and personal contact helping you through the whole process, please let me know, so we can discuss your specific situation.

Summer rental

When you rent out your house, you should register at the townhouse.
On your rental income, taxes are due in France.
You also should apply a tourist tax on every rental.
You can fill in the tax form under Micro Bic.  The amount has to be put in the supplement under ‘Régime micro entreprise’.
Today there is a maximum applicable:
If your house is not classified, you are alowed a maximum income of € 32.600.
If your house is classified, you are alowed a maximum of  € 81.500.
This application is currently discussed. The idea is to make the classification obligatory and apply one maximum amount.
It is advisable to declare your rental income. Rental objects are more frequently checked and the penalties are quite severe.
If you need some help, please let me know. I can get you a classification and make sure you declare the right amounts on the right forms.